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  • Make it Plain

    Many of us in academia tend to overwrite. We pad our sentences with complex words and phrases to add gravitas and convey prestige. To be fair, it’s not just academics who do it. Who hasn’t …

  • Understanding the Role of Content Modeling and Information Architecture

    Imagine going on an adventure in the woods and relying on two different systems of trails that allow you to walk or wheel your way through the area. One system has well-maintained signs that are …

  • Usability and Accessibility Issues with PDFs

    One of the most popular file formats used in working and learning environments — PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format — has significant limitations when repurposed for web content. PDF files have become the …

  • Benefits of Defining your Audience

    Even though target audiences for higher education websites are often challenging to narrow down, doing so is essential to creating quality user experiences, effective content, coherent design and meaningful usability testing.

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