Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my department / center / institute website be impacted by this project?

Academic department, center and institute websites will not be affected. The relaunch will only impact content currently housed within the root domain, Existing subdomains (e.g.,, including the SMPH intranet, are also outside the scope of the project.

When and why is the relaunch happening?

Planning for the project began in February of 2022. Driven in part by preparation for the LCME accreditation self-study, the goal for completing the project is early 2024. Other driving factors include improving digital accessibility, aligning content with key audiences and strategic objectives, and moving the site into a CMS that facilitates dynamic content and is more broadly supported.

My unit has content on the site. What will the process be for revising or updating our content during the relaunch project?

In order to meet the LCME self-review timeline, content modifications and enhancements will be carefully prioritized with input from SMPH leadership. Continue to submit routine requests to the web update request form. Examples of routine requests include text corrections, updates to application deadlines, updated program contact information, etc. More involved changes such as building out new content sections will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine optimal timing. In some situations it will be more efficient to hold on such project-level requests until the site has been transferred to WordPress.

Post re-launch, the Office of Strategic Communications will continue to evaluate, test, and maintain content and will consult with leaders and content experts as needed to revise and optimize content.

Will I still be able to access content and images from the old site?

While the old site will no longer be publicly accessible after the relaunch, the Office of Strategic Communications will continue to have access to the content for several months.

Will bookmarks and old links continue to work?

A select list of high traffic URLs that change during the relaunch will be redirected to the corresponding pages of the new website. The remaining pages will redirect to a search page with a link to the new sitemap.

How do I report a problem, broken link or request a change?

To report an issue or request a change, use the web update request form on the SMPH intranet.

Will the new WordPress theme be available for use by my department / center / institute post-relaunch?

We hope to be able to offer the new WordPress theme for use by SMPH departments, centers and institutes. Stay tuned for more information.

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