Calling All Researchers: Submit Your Science Images

The relaunch project is now at a stage where we are planning out visual assets for the new site. We aim to highlight the vibrancy of research occurring throughout our school by including scientific images at the top of pages in the research section of the website, and other locations where authentic scientific images will add visual appeal. For an example on our current website, see the top of the Basic Sciences Strategic Plan page, which shows an immunofluorescence image captured using confocal microscopy that was contributed by the laboratory of Anjon Audhya, PhD, senior associate dean for basic research, biotechnology, and graduate studies.

Here’s where we need help from the research community: Consider contributing a photorealistic scientific image (please, no illustrations – drawings won’t work well in this context, and figure elements such as text labels or arrows can be distracting). Examples include microscopy, photography, and the like. Importantly, do not submit any image that shows a patient, research study participant, or protected health information (PHI).

This imagery will help website visitors gain a glimpse into the innovative research that occurs throughout our school. Thank you!

Submit your image

microscopy image showing cells with colors (red, green, blue, white) indicating specific cell structures